Worship Ministry


The Music Ministry of Memorial Baptist Church is centered in worship. Focused on opportunities to support and enhance worship services, the Music Ministry seeks to serve the church in numerous venues including seasonal presentations and special events.


Welcome to the music ministry of Memorial Baptist Church where we’re more than music ─ we’re family! This mantra is at the heart of our music ministry. As we seek to lead worship, we do so understanding that God brings us together each week as dedicated servants who pray, plan and participate in leading worship as a team. The Worship Center Choir leads this experience and is supported by the Orchestra, Ensembles, Soloists, and the Audio/Visual Ministry Team.

Volunteer opportunities in the Music Ministry include Worship Center Choir, Orchestra, Music Ministry Media and Music Library Support.

How do I plug into the Music Ministry?

Membership in the church is not a requirement because we utilize the music ministry as one of the “on ramps” for you to plug in to the life of the church. Formal auditions for the worship center choir are not a prerequisite. However, if you are a vocalist or play an instrument, auditions are a prerequisite. Typically, participation in the Worship Center choir is a requirement for soloists. We do have members of our music ministry family who are in places of responsibility in the life of the church that preclude participation in rehearsal. Provision is made to accommodate these members to engage as active participants of the music ministry worship team.

When does the worship center choir, ensembles, soloists, and orchestra rehearse?

Worship Center Choir rehearsals are scheduled Wednesdays at 6:45 PM. To empower the worship choir as effective prayer partners in the church, a portion of rehearsal is set aside for prayer, praise and support requests.

Special rehearsals are scheduled to prepare for seasonal presentations. Ensemble and Solo rehearsals are coordinated through the office of the Pastor of Worship and Praise. Orchestra rehearsals are thirty minutes prior to any scheduled worship service.

How do I participate as a member of the Worship Center Choir?

Come to the choir suite on Wednesday and you’re in! Membership in the church is not a prerequisite. You may opt to be part of the Worship Center Choir as a member of the weekly team of dedicated men and women who lead worship or you may opt to participate in seasonal events. Either way, all we ask is that you be a Christian dedicated to the concept that leading corporate worship is an expression of a team devoted to support of the pastor as he preaches God’s Word.

How do I participate as a member of the Orchestra?

Auditions with selected members of the orchestra and the Pastor of Worship and Praise are scheduled by the office of the Pastor of Worship and Praise. We encourage you to carefully observe how the orchestra engages as an active part of worship. Following your observation, contact the Pastor of Worship and Praise, or approach one of the orchestra team to make your desires known. We’re always eager to include dedicated worship leaders who play instruments for the glory of God!

How do I participate as a member of an Ensemble?

Ensembles are assembled informally. If you have an interest, please contact the Pastor of Worship and Praise. Ensembles are typically auditioned prior to sharing as part of the worship experience.

How do I participate as a Soloist?

Soloists are auditioned by the Pastor of Worship and Praise, in partnership with selected members of the music ministry family.


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