Preschool & Children

Noah's Ark Preschool Ministry

Noah’s Ark Preschool Ministry serves children from birth through Pre-K and is designed to help lay a Biblical foundation for children (infants through Pre-K). Our desire is to help parents with the spiritual education of their children as they grow in different stages of life. Our goal is to prepare them to understand their need to follow Christ and help them grow spiritually.
Our teachers and volunteers shepherd the hearts of preschoolers by using songs, interactive music, drama, puppets, games, and creative crafts that complement Bible lessons. In every lesson, they explore the truths of the Bible with our preschoolers. Children are guided to know that God has a special plan for them, just as He had a special plan for the characters in the Bible. In all teaching opportunities, the Bible is taught in a creative, fun way so that your child will be eager to learn more. Our preschool ministry offers special Sunday worship services for young children in this age group.
Lifeway curriculum is used with the spiritual teaching of our children.
The safety of your child is also an integral part of our Preschool Ministry. To support the ministry, a security paging system is made available to our parents.


Contact: Carlee Qualls at 281.378.4400


The baby blessing is a prayer time before your baby is born. It is a special family event that includes anyone that Mom and Dad want to invite to pray for your child’s life – that important 1st year, school years, spiritual formation years, pre-teen, youth, college, young adult years, and for your child’s future spouse. We will work with you to schedule a time after Sunday morning or evening worship.

A personalized certificate is signed by all who attend the blessing, and a letter signed by Pastor Cliff, that we encourage you to wait until your child’s eighteenth birthday to open, will be presented. The letter describes God’s perfect plan and offers important encouragement during pivotal times in the life of your child.

To schedule a Baby Blessing, contact Carlee Qualls at 281.378.4400

After your baby is born, Pastor Cliff will help you dedicate your child to the Lord. This is a time to introduce your child and for you to commit to rear and nurture your child in Godly principles. A New Testament is presented to your child as a token of the commitment of the church to help you in his or her spiritual formation. The age of your child for the dedication and the Sunday morning date is set by you. Baby Dedications are generally at the end of a Sunday morning worship service.

To schedule a Baby Dedication, contact Judy Carter at 281.378.4400.

Kingdom Kidz


The Kingdom Kidz Children’s Ministry at Memorial provides children (Kindergarten through 5th grade) with Bible-learning experiences and activities to help them grow spiritually. We offer special Sunday worship services for children, as well as outstanding on- and off-campus activities throughout the year.
We desire to assist parents in the most challenging but important job of laying a Biblical foundation in the lives of their children so they can come to know God and walk with Him daily. The Children’s Ministry at Memorial Baptist offers an array of programs and activities to help in laying that strong foundation.
Our goal is to teach children how to put Christ FIRST in their lives. Kingdom Kidz teaches children how to live Christ-centered lives by living out Matthew 6:33: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”


Parents: join our MBC Kingdom Kidz Facebook Group.