From Anita Wood

Anita Wood   -  

Scripture teaches that we can capture our thoughts, not merely be ruled by them. When we do this, it gives us the privilege to examine our thoughts, scrutinizes them, and look closely for what is genuine. I Thessalonians 5:21. “But examine everything carefully; hold fast to what is good.” NASB

In this passage, Paul wants us to hold onto what is good… Really think. Discover what is beautiful, excellent, superior, valuable, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable… praiseworthy, pure in heart and life, and—affecting the mind agreeably, comforting and confirming. Think with me, and even make your own list of things that qualify for good.

Today is a beautiful day; clear skies, light breeze, wonderful sunshine… Praise you, Father, for your faithfulness to us. How excellent are Your ways oh God! Help me and my friends look to you in all things. You exceed anything we can ask, think, or imagine. Your ways are valuable, useful, suitable, commendable, and praiseworthy. You allow us to see your ways in nature, the beauty of children, and the wisdom of the older generations.

Join me in prayer, “Dear Heavenly Father, help me be more diligent to capture my thoughts and align them with Your ways. Help me recognize that when I feel comforted it comes from You. I praise you today for being evident in my daily life; for answered prayers and meeting needs even before I ask. Help me hold fast to those things that You consider ‘good’… to allow Enable me to clarify what You deem valuable… You know my going out and coming in and are intimately acquainted with all our ways… I pray our recent times will cause us to examine our lives to discern value; identify needs vs. wants, eternal vs. temporal… May we present ourselves a living sacrifice to You. We come to you in the name of Your Son, Jesus… Amen.”