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Thinking today–consider time to evaluate during this strange season, then choose…

What DO we do during these days when we’re sidelined from our ‘normal’; when we’re set-aside by circumstances outside our control? If there is anything our American culture values, it is our sense of control! Of course, we Christians say we honor God, trust Him and follow Him; we say we want Him to control our lives, but do we really?

True or false: God IS in control today! If God were ever sovereign or in control, He remains so today. What does that mean for us? Read Ecclesiastes chapter 3: to everything there is an appointed time/season; a time to break down; refrain from embracing; to lose, to weep… yet also, there is a time to heal, build up, laugh, dance and embrace and gain! Seems to me that in our lives before Covid 19, we dwelt on the positives of this presentation, and skipped lightly over the ones that seem negative!

In my personal life, when I experienced my deepest sudden loss, I needed a solid foundation upon which to rebuild my life. I reasoned: now is the time to act upon everything I’ve said I believe… If God were ever true, He’s true today! If God were ever good… faithful… trustworthy… loving… kind… ‘for’ me… THEN He remains so today!

Perhaps you’ve had similar thoughts recently. As we wait for life to return to some semblance of normal, we review the schedules and obligations of the recent past. We examine the demands that seemed urgent and unrelenting… some of those things just came to a screeching halt, overnight!

We have an awesome opportunity! We can reflect and begin again. We can choose what and how to reengage—again. I pray God blesses you with seasons of reflection and perspective. The valuable things of life carry over to eternity; we can invest with our words, love, encouragements, prayer, connections, choices… Our actions: eternal or not? That’s the choice today! Pray I choose eternal, and I’ll pray that for you too.


Anita Wood