From Anita Wood

Anita Wood   -  

I miss you!! And, wonder… Are you feeling uncomfortable, a bit out of sort? This could be grief! A result of loss… Our lives are disrupted by a loss we never considered!!

Have you identified personal losses? Daily routine. Social interactions. Church meetings and relationships. Income. Ability to visit family and friends. Work environment. Personal time and space. Graduations. Weddings. Future plans…
Unexpected loss produces emotional turmoil, including common physical reactions, like fatigue, headaches, and/or sleep disruptions. Life is unusual just now, and we aren’t sure how to react! We may feel confused and indecisive… Recognize that loss requires coping skills, and multiple adjustments.

We need helpers: – picture a big safety net held by strong Firemen! To remain safe, you must jump and trust them to hold the net. Your safety net includes trusted friends/family, and your Bible study group.

We are NOT victims!

Remember our strong foundation and hope! HOPE is THE anchor… Heb 6:17-19. God does not change nor does he lie! Therefore, we can have strong consolation. His hope is AS an anchor for our soul and is sure; steadfast holding us with His strength and power! Praise God—this is not about our strength to hold on. God HAS us! ‘we cannot get unborn!’ He anchors our soul… Even when we’re out in the deep unsettled seas, this anchor is sure, steadfast; unwavering.

Suggestions for handling crisis:
1) Understand the crisis and HOW it affects me/us/family [church, culture]
– Identify your coping skills… Pray, talk with a friend; make calls…
2) Identify who holds your net: usually 6-8 people… Someone we see routinely, talk to weekly; people who know you already… like your church and Bible study friends!
3) There are NO simple answers; trite quotes don’t help. We CAN support each other by listening and praying; staying in touch.