From Anita Wood

Anita Wood   -  

First responders, healthcare… governmental leaders, life’s essential services are working overtime in this hectic, fast-pace time; others feel life is suddenly in slow motion! Regardless of your personal situation, life is drastically changed. In my personal life, only one other time felt similar. One Tuesday morning life was ‘normal’ for me; then only hours later it changed so drastically that I hardly recognized my life. When change affects us suddenly, we feel rattled and shaken. We feel unhinged, alarmed, even traumatized… Once we’re able to think logically, we begin seeking for what IS stable and dependable.

We, like Job in the Old Testament, question ourselves, rethink our beliefs, and examine that foundation our life is built upon. You may quietly wonder: about God? His goodness? His sovereignty? His control/power? Maybe you have other questions. Now is a great time to examine what you really believe, for NOW you have opportunity to live it out! Many people base their sense of wellbeing on social activities, sports engagements, work relationships, that paycheck… Suddenly, we must live with ourselves and immediate family! This can be a huge blessing, or—a huge challenge. Mental health needs begin to surface. It helps me to find something to laugh about every day! One example: ‘there are so many things I would do ‘if I only had time’… now, I have time, and discovered THAT wasn’t the issue!’

Remember the old hymn lyrics, ‘When upon life’s billow you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost… count your many blessings—name them one by one, AND it will surprise you—what the Lord hath done.’ Name them. Name your blessings, one by one! You have a personal history with the Lord, so review it, and be encouraged

Are you safe today? Do you have provision today? God is good…we are to trust Him, TODAY. Our
Heavenly Father, who blessed us before, has not changed! He is still on His Throne!