From Anita Wood

Anita Wood   -  

Our county is in ‘stay at home’ mode, and life is different just now… As we settle in, trying to make sense
from this new normal we seek encouragement and understanding, the most trustworthy of which is
from our loving Heavenly Father, God.
Listening to music soothes my soul and encourages my heart. One song today was by Casting Crowns,
“Oh My Soul”, with lyrics. I listened repeatedly and the lyrics challenged me—and my thoughts went to
Matthew 6, 25-34. Allow me to share my insights.
Jesus says, do not worry… do NOT worry. In this particular verse, a Greek meaning for worry includes
seeking your own interests. At a time when our congregational emphasis is others, this understanding is so
appropriate. While we must care for ourselves, there ARE ways we can serve, encourage and love others
I noticed yesterday how springtime wildflowers are popping up everywhere—unaffected by Covid-19…
At a time when God’s faithfulness displays simple wildflowers, verse 26 declares states this fact: YOU
are of more value to Him! From creation, God declared our value and worth, so don’t question or
worry… God cares for the little things, and the BIG ones.
This passage concludes with the command to first—seek His Kingdom, and His righteousness.
This reminds us that God is the authority; He is sovereign.
Speak to your soul: He is in control, especially when we feel out of control. He is aware,
especially when we wonder ‘if’ and ‘when’…
Seeking His righteousness means remaining/conforming to a condition that is acceptable
to Him. This is the guideline for our outreach, behavior, words, and deeds.
Share your thoughts; share your insights; encourage one another. When fear or doubt arises, capture
those thoughts and emotions and submit to the Father who loves you. Remind yourself and others of
His love. In these uncertain days, we really do need each OTHER. Let me know your needs, as we pray
for one another.